Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators

As continuous conveyors, bucket elevators for bulk materials permit the vertical or inclined transport of many different products. Bucket elevators from Mallepree are used for the conveyance of ultra-fine to coarse-grain dry to wet materials.

Coordinated to suite the conveyed material and linehaul, we plan, manufacture and assemble vertical or inclined bucket elevators, belt elevators or chain bucket elevators, conveying or drainage bucket elevators. We also produce mid-discharge bucket conveyors for the careful transport of sensitive or hot products.

We manufacture block chains, multi-link chains, round-link chains and central chains for chain bucket elevators.

Belt elevators are fitted with EP or steel cord belts, depending on the transport capacity or conveyance height.

We produce and supply buckets for bucket elevators adapted to suit the various conveyance materials in line with DIN standards, customers’ specifications or in-house developments.

We manufacture and supply drive drums, tail pulleys, rod drums and tensioning devices, monitoring systems and other spare parts in line with customers’ specifications and our own standards.

Our service technicians are available for the maintenance and servicing of bucket elevators.