Conveyor belts
Conveyor belts

Belt conveyors for bulk materials and many different conveyance tasks. They convey a wide variety of bulk materials either horizontally or at an inclined angle.

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 Plate conveyors
Plate conveyors

Plate, box style or hinged belt and humpback conveyors in linked versions.

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Bulk conveyors
Bulk conveyors

Troughed chain conveyors, drag chain conveyors, hopper discharge conveyors, distribution conveyors as individual conveying solutions.

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Mallepree GmbH & Co. KG

Becherwerke, Trogkettenförderer, Plattenbandförderer, Schneckenförderer und vieles mehr

Each conveying task is as individual as the customer himself. Therefore we develop solutions for each conveying problem in dialogue with our customers. We plan, manufacture and assemble perfected individual installations and complete system solutions.

Everything from one source.

Our ready to use conveying systems transport a huge variety of materials – from car tyres to contaminated sludge, from rubble to finest grained phosphate. No matter whether you want cool or heat, sort or crush your goods.

The basis of our high performance is a clear organisational structure which combines competence and flexibility with the experience and traditions of a family enterprise. You can rely on a qualified team of employees characterized by conceptual thinking and imaginativeness as well as a sense for economically sound decisions. A team which will support you from the planning right up to the commissioning stage. Specialists who use their expertise with great commitment in order to find a perfect solution for your problems.

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Bucket elevators

As continuous conveyors, bucket elevators for bulk materials permit the vertical or inclined...

Troughed chain conveyor

Mallepree plans and manufactures troughed chain conveyors for the horizontal or inclined...

Plate conveyors et al.

Mallepree plans and manufactures plate, box style or hinged belt and humpback conveyors in linked...

Conveyor and bucket chains

The conveying and bucket chains used for our equipment are tailored to the specific application....

Screw conveyors

Mallepree produces screw conveyors for special use as troughed or tube type screw conveyors. Bulk...

Belt conveyors

Mallepree plans and produces conveyors as belt conveyors for bulk materials for many different...