Troughed chain conveyor

Troughed chain conveyor

Mallepree plans and manufactures troughed chain conveyors for the horizontal or inclined transport of many different bulk materials. From sludge and fine-grain products to coarse and hot materials, chain conveyors from Mallepree have proven their value in the conveyance of all kinds of material.

In addition to simple conveyance, the troughed chain conveyors can also be used as hopper discharge conveyors, distribution conveyors or even for the conveyance of ash or as wet de-ashers.

As drag chain conveyors or residue scrapers, they are put to work beneath belt systems.

The conveyance principle of the troughed chain conveyor allows many different conveyor applications.

The TCC versions are adapted to suit the conveyance task and route. The selection of materials is also determined by the goods to be conveyed or by customers’ specifications.

Depending on the task, we supply many different chain conveyors as single or multi-strand chains, forked lug chains or block chains.

The chain elements can be selected as rolled or forged components. Our supply programme includes troughed chain conveyor system elements such as chain sprockets, rollers and other spare parts. Our service technicians are available for the maintenance and servicing of troughed chain conveyor systems.